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The journey starts here

1909...the POWER of one IDEA

It all began in 1909 in Ilmenau, Thüringen, when Traugott Bulle (1874-1952) took the decision to establish a production facility of his own for insulated vessels.

The idea of manufacturing vacuum vessels originated with the physicist James Dewar (1843-1923) and the patent registered by the German glass apparatus blower Reinhold Burger (1866-1954) in the year 1903.


The vacuum jugs from Helios quickly established themselves on both the German market and overseas, and the company succeeded in continuing production throughout two world wars. Traugott Bulle managed the company at the Ilmenau site up to his death in 1952.

Dr. Gerhard Bulle took over the technical management of the operation in Ilmenau in 1938. At that time, the Helios plants also included a glassworks in Geraberg. The economy was seriously impacted upon by the effects of the Second World War, and production could only be maintained with difficulty.

From 1950, the company moved to Wertheim am Main, initially operating under the name "Tauberglas".

Today, Helios produces over 65 different models of vacuum jug, thermos vessel, teapot, mug and cooling vessel, supplying them to every region around the world.


Time travel

Founding of the company by Traugott Bulle in Ilmenau in Thüringen.
Expansion phase - Production and product range grows steadily.
Dr. Gerhard Bulle (son of Traugott) joins the Management.
Move from Ilmenau to Wertheim am Main.
Focus on plastic vacuum jugs.
New build of Plant II at the am Kessler address in Wertheim.
Establishment of the company Hekuplast in the Czech Republic.
Internationalisation – Development of new export markets.
Take-over of 100% of Hekuplast.
Launch of the new product line “dishwasher-safe jugs”.
New build of a production facility in the Czech Republic.
Manufacture of sustainable products under the label "Helios - my green".

Finds from the treasure chest

Curiosities in metal

The illustration shows vacuum jugs from around 1950. Most of the jugs have a cork stopper and an aluminium casing.

Glasses from Gera

The invoice dated 26 January, 1923 is receipted to Mr. Paul Schmitt from Jena. He had evidently bought glasses from the glassworks belonging to Helios at the time.

Historical image

A photograph dated 1938 shows the Bulle glassworks in Geraberg. It was taken by Mr. Arthur Wächter from Geraberg.

Notepaper – signs of the times

This picture shows a range of historical notepaper. We see stationery dating from the year 1937 to modern times.

Hot coffee at work

Even in the 70s it was important to be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea in the break. And nothing has changed to this day. The picture shows a cutting from an advertising brochure published around 1946.

Price list
Still in Reichsmark

The document shown is from the year 1940. The currency of the time was still the Reichsmark. The price of a vacuum flask with 0.25 l capacity (illus. extreme left) was RM 1.05.

The changing face of our premises

The photo from the 50s shows the old premises in Wertheim - Am Eichamt 10. When we look at the clock near the loading bay, time seems to stand still for a Moment.  

Historical logo
Helios - the God of the Sun

Helios – the God of the Sun
The original Helios logo. It shows Helios, the sun god, on his sun chariot. It is drawn by four horses. Helios skilfully guides the chariot with skill and ease across the skies. Even back then, the Greek “h” was used as the identifying feature of the Helios logo.

Glass manufacture
Hard work in silver coating

Well into the 1960s, Helios was still producing its own double-walled, silver-coated flasks in Wertheim. The picture shows a worker silver-coating the glass – a decisive procedure for the heat retention.

Through the years...

... to what we are now...

The power of an idea...and what now?

... with many ideas for our future

Helios is still a family company – currently in the fourth generation. All regions around the world are supplied with our vacuum products. Our focus is on the professional area. Hotels, hospitals and catering companies are all looked after and supplied by us. But the private consumer also constitutes a further important pillar in the global distribution of vacuum jugs. Helios is represented at two locations in Germany. Only in 2017, we expanded our office space in Wertheim. We are particularly proud of our subsidiary "Hekuplast" in the Czech Republic. This allows us 100% flexibility and adaptability to present the best of the best in product quality to our customers.

With its clear focus on the core competences of keeping beverages hot or cold, Helios today is one of the most highly-respected and best-known brands in the vacuum jug business area. In addition, Helios is the oldest manufacturer in Europe. No other European company has been producing comparable products for so long.

We firmly believe that with hard work, rational business management, high-quality products and loyal customers, we can face the challenges of the next years with confidence. We look forward to them with excitement and can barely wait to get going.


Vision, Mission & Values

Helios Logo

                    CMYK      0/100/100/0
                     RGB         216/0/26
                     HKS         14

                     Pantone  485 C

Proportionality: 4.5 cm (width) x 2.4 cm (height)

Other logos

Corporate colors


CMYK      0/100/100/0
RGB         216/0/26
HKS         14
Pantone  485 C



CMYK      28/20/20/1
RGB         178/180/26178
HKS          95
Pantone   421 C

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